Special Entertainment Events, Inc. (SEE) has obtained the rights to bring a large-scale Luminight Lantern Festival to the United States and the world from Tengda Lantern Art & Culture Co. Our creative team has conceptualized a unique theme entitled “What a Wonderful World” which features an examination of wildlife in all shapes and forms. Unlike fire lanterns flying in the nights sky, our Luminight Lantern Festival is a grounded LED based lantern light show composed of handmade pieces of silky cloth wrapped around thin wire to exhibit life-life structures including “Chinese Culture” (Zodiac), “Noah’s Ark”, “Echo’s of the Past” (Dinosaurs/Extinct), “Animals in Danger” (Endangered Animals), and “Under the Sea” (The Great Barrier Reef),

Tengda Lantern Art & Culture Co has previously designed, produced, and displayed exhibitions throughout the world with great success. This festival offers a kaleidoscope of colors, life size light installations, an interactive King Fu stage show, food & beverage vendors, various merchandise booths, local artisans, and activities. SEE is targeting Fairgrounds, Botanical Gardens, Arboretums, Historical Parks, and other high traffic venues for booking this visitor-friendly attraction. SEE is also looking to partner with wildlife and environmental foundations in an effort to promote their efforts and bring an important message to our visitors.

Chinese Culture & Zodiac

Chinese zodiac animals have lucky meanings, and people associate each animal with certain characteristics. It’s believed that people born in a given year have the personality of that year’s animal. Learn about yours!

Noah’s Ark

The story of how Noah saved his family and pairs of the world’s animals from a devastating flood has been told for years in various mediums. See it brought to life in beautiful lantern form with a towering Ark as its centerpiece!

The Great Barrier Reef

Travel beneath the waves to explore the world of coral reefs, and learn more about the diverse ecosystems known as the rainforests of the sea! Despite covering only 0.1% of the world’s ocean area, coral reefs provide a home to 25% of all marine species.

Endangered Species & Endangered Marine Life

Every year, the World Wildlife Foundation provides a list of endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species. Learn more about the amazing animals that the world needs to protect from extinction and what you can do to help!

Echoes of the Past

Journey into the past with us as we explore the former masters of the planet. These animals may no longer walk the earth, soar in the skies, or swim in the seas, but they will never truly be gone as long as we remember them and pass on their stories!


  • Combination of art, culture, religion, history, education, and entertainment
  • Revolutionary way to experience Chinese culture, Biblical stories, and animal preservation up close and personal
  • Family friendly exhibition with opportunities for school groups to utilize educational guide s for school filed trips
  • High appeal for special event hosting, corporate sponsors, brand partnerships, and Public Relations exposure
  • Buzz-worthy design which carries a message and theme that appeals to media, sponsors, and charities
  • Turn-key installation and hassle free load-out
  • Full support materials provided with branding, merchandising, and advertising
  • Over 50% of visitors travel from distances of up to 100 miles.


  • LICENSE: All content is created by Tengda Lantern Art & Culture Co. with concepts creation and license through SEE LV, Inc.
  • UNIT SIZE: Unit is suited for indoor and/or outdoor venue size of175,000 square feet minimum to 250,000 square feet (between 5-6 acres is ideal ) to allot for 50,000 square feet for each of the five themes. The exhibit can be adapted to different size venues. For very large venues, exhibit displays can be extended and additional exhibit items can be added to suit the cultural demographic. Smaller venues might necessitate the removal of some exhibit items.
  • VISITOR COUNT: The recommended venue size can host around 600-800 visitors at a time (average attendance 80k visitors)
  • VISIT TIME: Average visit time of 2 hours.
  • TICKET PRICE: Average ticket price $20
  • EXHBITION RUN: The recommended run is a minimum 3-months, minimum allowed 8-weeks with recommended operational days are Wednesday – Sunday with two stage shows nightly
  • DESIRED VENUES: We are open to multiple types of partners including festivals, state fairs, fairgrounds, botanical gardens, arboretums, parks, high traffic venues, and/or promoters
  • SHIPPING: The exhibition is a modular unit consisting of (16-20) containers.
  • BUILD: The load-in and build requires maximum 30-days on-site. A skeleton crew stays to maintain lanterns show followed by a breakdown maximum of 2-weeks. Production crew installs on-site with supervision of See Global Entertainment
  • FINANCIAL STRUCTURE:We offer a flexible financial structure and pricing varies based on duration of exhibition, venue, and operational requirements
  • EXHBITION RUN: The recommended run is a minimum 8-weeks, ideally 3-months


    • 175,000 square feet minimum to 250,000 square feet ideal (50,000 square feet allotted for each of the five themes)
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor display
    • Ideal location includes grassy lawns, green pastures, gravel lots, trees, water ways, walking trails, parking, and bathrooms

This is a sample floor plan rather than an exact replication. Measurements as shown in image below

General Layout 1

General Layout 2


Chinese Lantern Festival Berlin, Germany Oct. 2018
Chinese Lantern Festival Monza, Italy Jan. 2016
Chinese Lantern Festival Rome, Italy Nov. 2018
Chinese Lantern Festival Gaillac, France Jan. 2018
Magical Lantern Festival Wiltshire, England Nov. 2015
Magical Lantern Festival Leeds, England Nov. 2016
Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham, England Nov. 2018
Magical Lantern Festival London, England Nov. 2017

Miami, Memphis, Minneapolis, Houston, Tampa, Tulsa, San Francisco, Seattle, North Carolina, Alameda, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Spokane, Milwaukee


The Strat, Las Vegas, NV




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