The Hot Wheels Champion Experience is an exhilarating interactive 16,000-square-foot experience for all ages based on the legendary Hot Wheels brand that has been influencing car culture for 55 years. 

Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design, SEE Global Exhibitions 2 Inc. has tapped the XSpace platform developed by Smart Entertainment Ltd to power this groundbreaking new attraction. XSpacecombines immersive video projection and “phygital” systems that control sound, light, video, and personalized interaction into one experience that can react and change in the blink of an eye. 

SEE Touring Exhibitions 2 Inc. is also proud to partner with Creative Labs Israel, a visionary creative technology firm that has developed an immersive environment layered on the XSpace platform that seamlessly blends physical and digital elements that embrace the challenger spirit of Hot Wheels. 


Hot Wheels fans of all ages will ignite their challenger spirit in this immersive experience that combines exhilarating physical and virtual interactions. Visitors will imagine, create, and experience Hot Wheels like never before and without headsets, goggles, or other equipment. Using the latest 3D multimedia projection technology, guests at Hot Wheels Champion Experience can accept the challenge and become:


    • Hot Wheels Designers: Use creativity to design their own digital Hot Wheels car, watching it come to life on an interactive screen 
    • Tracker Builders: Build a custom Hot Wheels City inside an interactive Augmented Reality room 
    • Ultimate Heroes: Defeat monsters and creatures taking over Hot Wheels City 
    • Speed Machines: Race against the competition using physical body movements to digitally drive Hot Wheels cars 
    • Smash Champs: Stunt and compete as Monster Trucks on a monster-sized projection, dodging any hazards that come their way 
    • Virtual Drivers: An Augmented Reality experience, allowing guests to see themselves driving a Hot Wheels car  
    • Epic Winners: Pose on the winner’s podium, celebrating your accomplishments to become a Hot Wheels Champion  
    • Hot Wheels Central will also allow guests to track performance and collect digital memorabilia, videos, and tokens gathered during the experience, extending the fun past the event! 


  • Immersive and interactive experience for all ages. Designed to target 6-12 year olds
  • Family friendly exhibition with opportunities for school field trips
  • High appeal for special event hosting, corporate sponsors, brand partnerships, and Public Relations exposure
  • Full support materials provided with branding, merchandising, and advertising

“Together, we aim to bring Hot Wheels to life in an entirely new way. By combining technology, immersive design, and the unrivaled thrill of Hot Wheels, this attraction will ignite the imagination of fans and families alike.”

Julie Freeland

Senior Director of Global Location-Based Entertainment, Mattel

“Hot Wheels has been an inspiration to countless individuals across multiple generations, and this attraction will give fans the opportunity to dive into the world of Hot Wheels in a way they’ve never experienced before.”

Martin Biallas

CEO, SEE Global Exhibitions 2 Inc.

“We’re extremely excited to create a touring experience that combines our next generation technology with the iconic brand, Hot Wheels,”

Carmi Wurtman

CEO, Smart Entertainment, creators of the platform XSpace

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