Michelangelo’s masterpiece is resurrected in this truly unique exhibition that focuses on the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. Brought to life using a special photographic technique that reproduces the look and feel of the original paintings, visitors are given a chance to engage with the artwork in ways that were never before possible. For the first time ever, visitors can explore the artwork at their own pace and admire the art from a distance that is physically impossible to achieve in the actual Sistine Chapel. This is an extraordinary opportunity to gain a new perspective on some of the most famous artwork in history. It also provides an incredible chance for inspiration as well as reflection on the purpose and meaning of the work.

With recent events such as the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, we are reminded of how precious our most revered works of art truly are and how important it is to preserve and celebrate them. Guests who have already visited the Sistine Chapel will find a new way of observing the art. Visitors who have never seen the originals will be intrigued and inspired to visit the Sistine Chapel at some time in the future. We hereby invite you to plunge into the universe of Michelangelo.

“Perfect replicas in perfect harmony.”

Vienna Live Magazine

“One can look for the first time in depth at the magically painted faces in Michelangelo’s work. The joy of the new exhibition is to see those faces up close and intensely.”

The New Yorker

“It’s bright, bold, and overwhelming.”

Dallas Morning News


  • Combination of art, culture, religion, and history
  • Revolutionary way to experience Michelangelo’s artwork up close and personal
  • Family friendly exhibition with opportunities for school groups to utilize educational guide s for school filed trips
  • High appeal for special event hosting, corporate sponsors, brand partnerships, and Public Relations exposure
  • Turn-key installation and hassle free load-out
  • Full support materials provided with branding, merchandising, and advertising


  • LICENSE: All concepts & content are licensed to SEE LV, Inc., and Bridgeman Images
  • UNIT SIZE: The exhibition unit is suited for a venue size of 987 sq. meters (10,624 sq. ft) with a minimum of 5 meters (16 ft.) high ceilings, however the unit can be adapted to different size venues. For very large venues, exhibit displays can be extended and additional exhibit items can be added to suit the cultural demographic. Smaller venues might necessitate the removal of some exhibit items. Asmaller size unit is available to include a 13 ‘ x 13’ Last Judgment panel rather than the original 40’ X 40’ panel
  • VISITOR COUNT: The recommended venue size can host around at least 100 visitors at any given time.
  • VISIT TIME: Average visit time of 1 – 1.5 hours
  • TICKET PRICE: Average ticket $15
  • EXHBITION RUN: The recommended run is a minimum 6-weeks, ideally 3-6 months
  • DESIRED VENUES: We are open to multiple types of partners including science centers, museums, galleries, expos, universities, business associations, corporate conferences, entrepreneurs, and/or promoters
  • SHIPPING: The exhibition is a modular unit consisting of 2 crates. Merchandise may be shipped separately in several boxes. We recommend sourcing some components locally to reduce shipping costs (i.e. trussing, sign holders, stanchions).
  • BUILD: The load-in and build requires maximum 7 days with a breakdown and load-out at a maximum of 4 days. Production crew installs on-site with supervision of See Global Entertainment
  • FINANCIAL STRUCTURE: We offer a flexible financial structure and pricing varies based on duration of exhibition, venue, and operational requirements
  • EXHBITION RUN: The recommended run is a minimum 6-weeks, ideally 3-6 months


This is a sample floor plan rather than an exact replication. Measurements as shown in image below.

Length: 47 meters / 154.2 Feet
Width: 21 Meters / 68.8 Feet
Height: 5 Meters / 16 Feet

Total Square Footage: 987 Square Meters / 10,624 feet



Montreal, Canada – Palais des Congres

Dallas, Texas – Women’s Museum at The State Fair of Texas
Vienna, Austria – Votiv Cathedral

Munich, Germany – Alte Bayerische Staatsbank
New York, New York – Oculus at the World Trade Center
Paramus, New Jersey – Westfield Paramus
Shanghai, China – World Financial Center Shanghai
Springfield, Massachusetts – The Big E
Thousand Oaks, California – Westfield Thousand Oaks

Berlin, Germany – The Parochial Church
Chengdu, China – The Mix C, Chengdu
Houston, Texas – The Corinthian
Hangzhou, China – The Mix C, Hangzhou
Tacoma, Washington – Broadway Armory

Panama City, Panama – The Old Quarter
Orange County, CA- Christ Cathedral Campus
Bogota, Colombia- Iglesia Del Teatro ABC
Breslau, Poland- Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Garden Grove, CA- Christ Cathedral
Aurora, CO-  The Hanger at Stanley Marketplace

St Louis, MO – America’s Center


Atlanta, GA – Westside Cultural Arts Center
Bloomington, MN – Mall of America