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08/13/2013 Deutsche Telekom and SEE Games to Create Astérix Browser-Based Game for Fans of the World Famous Franchise

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Deutsche Telekom increases its focus on the development and publishing of proprietary games and is extending its portfolio of in-house game productions. The first featured browser game is based on the universally successful Astérix franchise. In association and with the creative expertise of global publisher SEE Games, Deutsche Telekom has become the worldwide publisher of the Astérix online browser game.

The game is being developed by Sproing in Vienna, which has many years of experience in the development of international productions, and has created major hits in the browser-based game space, including SkyRama, a massively popular management game.

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Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom took a step into mobile gaming with a €2 million investment in Flaregames. Today, it’s expanding its in-house online gaming business. The carrier, which owns mobile operator T-Mobile, has announced that a worldwide license to create a browser-based game based on the popular Asterix comic books, as part of a larger expansion of its gaming activities.    view article




A decade ago, if you’d heard of Deutsche Telekom, you’d know it as Germany’s incumbent telco. A few years later, it would have been familiar as a mobile carrier in the U.S. and U.K.. In the past few months it’s moved into the incubation space, and now it’s taken on an even less-likely guise: that of a games firm.    view article




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